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You have probably heard of animal welfare, but what is it exactly?

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How are animals raised, transported and slaughtered for consumption?

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To know more about your dog, cat, ferret or exotic pet, click here!  

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Focus on farm animals, their needs, their emotions and perceptions of the world

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Let us not forget wild animals or animals used for experimental purposes!

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One Welfare

How human, animal welfare and environmental protection are linked?


Animal welfare

Farming 101

Farm animals

Other animals

One Welfare
Animal, société & environnement

Popular beliefs

Each month, the Chaire examines a preconceived idea about animal welfare or livestock farming


The Chaire offers online and face-to-face training courses

Chaire Bien-Être Animal

Faced with growing societal expectations in terms of animal welfare, it seems necessary to improve the living and slaughter conditions of farm animals. This improvement calls for an increased involvement and mobilization of all actors, farmers and professionals in daily contact with animals, veterinarians, veterinary public health inspection services, the food industry, scientists and animal protection associations. It requires the production of increasingly precise scientific knowledge and the transfer of this knowledge, the improvement of the dialogue between these actors as well as a better training of professionals and better information of civil society.